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About Us

Hello.  We are Kate and Brent – specialists in destination photography and cinematography.  We are engaged, very much in love and currently planning our own destination wedding in Old Town Dubrovnik.

Choosing people to capture you, your family and friends on camera is a huge decision so we wanted to try and introduce you to the creatives behind byLumiere.  Whilst we were in Croatia we turned the cameras on each other – both whilst we were working and exploring this beautiful part of the World.

We offer a rare combination of a couple who shoot all three disciplines of photographic stills, cinematic films and aerial footage.   As a creative team we work completely in sync with each other and with our clients, providing a single approach to shooting and directing, light and location and of course the final results that are crafted with the same style and finish.

We describe our style as fine art storytelling because what matters to us is the ability to capture natural emotion and human connection in a stylish and creative way.  We use our unique vision and years of experience to deliver work that is genuine, beautiful and artistic.  Work that stands out but also stands the test of time. 

We are in our 40s and well travelled but there is so much more to see and experience. Our dream in the future is to take 2 years out and sail the World.  Until then we will continue to work hard, love hard and push each other creatively.   

Many of our clients value their privacy and we are known for our discreet, unobtrusive approach and excellent customer service - we have been trusted to photograph intimate celebrations for superstars of the television, film and music industries and are, understandably, unable to share much of our portfolio here. If this kind of ethos and style is what you are looking for please get in touch with us to share your ideas – whether this might be for a destination wedding, a private shoot or a commercial commission.

You can read a recent Q and A with us on luxury wedding website 5 Star Wedding Directory.

More about Kate:

Kate Hopewell-Smith has a fine art background and studied the history of art at degree level. Her early career in London involved working in TV marketing, fine art publishing and brand consultancy. Following a move out of central London to raise her children she began to study photography and launched her own portraits, weddings and boudoir business in 2010. Kate plays an active role in the photography industry, regularly writes features for a number of magazines and has represented the Nikon brand as one of their UK Ambassadors.  She is also a director of the Photography School Training byLUMIERE and leads their professional photography foundation programme. 

More about Brent: 

Brent Kirkman spent 25 years in the global IT sector before focusing on his true passion of cinematography, photography and aerial film. He multi-tasks - flipping from stills to film without hesitation. He loves to fly and now uses his pilots license when drone work is commissioned. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has built and run companies and worked in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Brent is also a director of Training byLumiere.