Beach Photography & Film

Thinking of having a beach wedding?  Or being photographed on a beach?
We understand that sentiment completely – we are both water babies and feel most at home by the sea which is why we opted to drive down to the South Coast for our  ‘About Us’ photos at the beautiful beach at West Wittering.
We thought that whilst we were there it would be great to try and squeeze in a shoot that would help us define what we want to offer our byLumiere clients.

Social Media

We used the power of social media to put the word out that we were looking for a lovely couple to share their energy and love with us.   Kiarnie and Oli got in touch and we managed to make a plan to meet them at the beach in the evening after they finished work.   When you work on location you have to learn to manage all kinds of weather and light conditions – to say we were lucky with what we were given is an understatement.  It was an absolutely incredible summer evening – the only downside being the length of time we had available to shoot – we only had 1 hour until sunset – the magic ‘golden hour’ that image makers so love when they get it.  This did mean that we only had 1 hour to say hello, check clothing, walk to our chosen location and try to capture stills, moving image and aerial footage working around the general public who were also enjoying the August evening…

Working quickly

Years of experience means that we can work incredibly quickly.  Both of us were filming and whilst Brent flew the drone I was flipping between stills and motion.  Kiarnie and Oli were a dream to work with and the results are down to teamwork.   It is always hard to describe a visual style of photography and film in words – when we suggest ‘fine art storytelling with an editorial edge’ we are trying to explain that our aim is to capture natural emotion and human connection in a stylish and creative way.
Rather than reading our words we would MUCH rather that you had a look at the results below.  We have also put a small gallery of the stills that we captured alongside the motion film and aerial footage on our photography page here.    This is what we love to be able to give to our clients – the wonderful mix of all 3.


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