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We love the incredible quality of Queensberry Albums but just as important to us is that their brand philosophy resonates entirely with our own. Queensberry are about “the beauty of moments in time” and we are about “Crafting Beautiful Stories

Brent and I put the craft of storytelling at the very heart of our offering so it is understandable that we chose our wedding album partner very carefully. When you listen to Heather Baugh – Queensberry Album’s Founder and Creative Director – talk about her luxury wedding album brand she describes the offering using the words;’artisan’, ‘unique’, ‘elegance’, ‘grace’, ‘timeless beauty’. She also describes how “Design, respect, and attention to detail underlie everything we do – the beauty of our products, how we make them, how we behave, how we reach out to people“. These are just some of the reasons we chose Queensberry Albums.

Wedding Albums: A piece of art

Queensberry Albums are a piece of art and we believe the most beautiful and unique way to share your story. A wedding is a series of moments that only create a story when they are experienced as a whole and this is why it is so important to make the investment to produce a wedding galbum – to protect and celebrate your memories and to pass on your legacy.

Our wedding in July

Brent and I are already discussing album covers and paper type for the wedding galbum that we will create following our wedding in July next year. We both love the more contemporary look of their Flushmount albums and are thinking that we will choose panoramic fine art inkjet finish in the medium weight pages. This is the paper type and weight that Mark & Rebecca chose for their wedding album – we love the Champagne cover of their album but we also adore the slightly darker Pewter leather. The metallic finish appeals to my inner Niffler

Here is a brief glimpse into Mark & Rebecca’s Album final Queensberry Album of their Ashridge House Wedding in May this year.

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