Russian Lakeside Wedding, Saratov


As soon as their Lake Como wedding had drawn to a close we were all flying to Saratov to continue their destination wedding celebrations at Kate’s family home in Russia.

As they were already married, Kate and Ilya opted to see each other before greeting their guests and arrived at the outdoor lakeside wedding ceremony together.    Russian weddings have long and rich traditions and this time they incorporated many Russian wedding traditions into the reception beginning with a greeting line with the parents at the end, where they presented the new couple with bread and salt and offered their blessings.

Probably my greatest memory from Russian wedding photography is the word  ‘Gor’ko!’ which forms an important part of the numerous toasts whilst the newlyweds stand up and kiss each other — for as long as possible!  There is so much energy and interaction at a Russian wedding – they really are great fun to capture.   Since capturing this wedding we have also photographed Kate’s sister’s wedding celebrations in Saratov and her destination wedding in the Seychelles.

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